How to Import Products from old platform?

To Get Started, we will need to import all of your products from your current website into your new website! This will ensure that all of your products are moved over correctly.

Steps to move over your Products: #

  1. Log into your current website and head to Products -> All Products.
  2. Hit the ‘Export’ button located at the top right side.
    Step One
  3. Hit the ‘Export’ button located at the top right side. Be sure to select ‘export all columns’ as well as check ‘Yes, export all custom meta’. This will download all of your products.
    Step One
  4. Head back to your new site and go to Products -> All Products. Then select the ‘Start Import’ button.
    Step One
  5. Upload your recently downloaded .csv file, then select Continue. Be sure not to select the other options on this screen as we want to upload everything.
    Step One
  6. This screen will show you the mapping of each data type. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this screen and select the Run the importer button.
    Step One
  7. A Progress bar will now start to appear. During this time, please leave the screen open since this may take some time to complete if you have alot of inventory to transfer over.

And thats it! Again, if you have any questions or any concerns, please feel free to email at [email protected]. We are still updating as well, so we will include additional features very soon!


The Five Dollar Jewelry Website Team

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