How to Import Customer / Coupons / Orders

To Get Started, log into the Old Platform, then head to Shop -> Export:

You should see the above screen option. To move all three categories, with customers, coupons, and orders, you will need to repeat this process three different times. Keep in mind that you should leave the Output type as ‘CSV’.

Next, select the option you would like to export over. The below settings should remain the same, so select ‘Export’ at the bottom.

You should see a pop-up message stating that the download has started:

Once completed, the .csv file should be downloaded to your computer.

Next, log into your new platform, then head to Online Store -> Import Suite:

Select the option that you started with. In this case, we will select the ‘Import Customers’ button.

This will bring you to the next screen, which will ask you what format to import the data from. Select the top option:

After uploading this document, it will present some options for you to select. Select the options that you would like, then hit the ‘Next>>” button at the bottom:

This final option screen will ask you to verify that the information is being inserted into the correct locations. This should be correct, but verify that they match up just in case, then select the ‘Start Import’ option:

The results screen will appear indicating what moved over and what didn’t. This will also show the reasons why some of the information did not get transferred over, if any.

The example above shows that the 2 customers being sent over did not have emails, which were just dummy data for this test.

And that’s it! If you are having issues with this process, please let me know.


Douglas Franklin

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